UPDATE: ‘Police Lives Matter’ Martyr Who Faked Death To Cover Up Crimes Had Help (VIDEO)

Police lives matter. Not because the racist imbeciles on the right say so, but because they are supposed to be an example to society of the right side of justice. When one dirty cop from Fox Lake, IL (near Chicago) decided to commit suicide to cover his criminal acts he forgot how much his life actually mattered, enough to disenchant and devastate local communities, and a national movement.

Now we know that not only he, but his wife and son are under investigation. The widow has received $15,000 from a charity that now wants it’s money returned, according to CBS this morning (video at the end of the article).

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Here is how the nation responded to this officers death originally:

What is worse? Many tried to cast blame for his death on the Black Lives Matter (BLM) protesters for his carefully arranged suicide. BLM is a movement that is trying to draw attention to the fact that African American people are disproportionately represented in officer-involved killings. They are also murdered by racist pieces of shit like George Zimmerman all across this country. However, when we started speaking out against the vile, discrimination that causes the deaths of so many African-Americans in this country, the right went insane and started the #PoliceLivesMatter movement. And this cop was one of the leading examples of the misguided movement.

In just three steps, this officer destroyed his own credibility, made the need for the BLM movement even MORE obvious, and inadvertently damaged the Police Lives Matters movement as well:

  1. Become A Criminal: Lt. Charles Joseph Gliniewicz, the officer in question, began embezzling money several years ago for personal use from a program to help youth that would like to become Police Officers when they grow up. His “personal uses” included porn, first class airfare and mortgage payments.
  2. Decide To Stage Your Own Murder: Lt. Gliniewicz was under investigation for his crimes and had two choices; to own up to his crimes or not. Not was his choice, obviously, when he staged an elaborate murder scene in which to commit suicide. This was made easy by the fact that he had experience staging crime scenes for the kids in the program he was in charge of and stealing from.
  3. Commit Suicide To Avoid Prosecution And Hurt Everyone While You Are At It: No doubt he was counting on the very reason that there is a BLM movement to keep fellow officers from fully investigating. He even shot himself twice in the bulletproof vest twice after leaving a trail of objects to make it look like he was attacked by the “suspicious men” he had reported himself to be following.  We are left with a tiny sliver of hope for Police integrity, though, as a silver lining to this because they actually did investigate and actually did report what they found.

Here is more coverage on this officer’s disgusting actions:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d9JHtyEjTU4&w=854&h=480]

Feature image via screen capture from Youtube

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