Two Women Get Into Head-Butting Brawl In Texas Walmart (VIDEOS)

It’s good to know that we can always count on Walmart as not only a way to drag down our economy by underpaying and not providing benefits to their employees and passing that burden on to all of us taxpayers by way of food stamps and emergency room visits instead of doctor’s appointments, but also as a source of endless entertainment from their classy customers.

Jessica Albitz was shopping at a Texas Walmart store when she got into a confrontation with a Jackson Hewitt tax employee, Alice Keener. Alice told her to take her “poor ass out of the store” and then insulted Jessica’s mother, and THEN allegedly spit in Jessica’s face.  That’s when Jessica felt that the only way to deal with Alice was to give her a good ol’ fashioned headbutt:


When interviewed afterward, Albitz said that she hoped that she “broke [Keener’s] nose and that she has two black eyes.”  Albitz is hoping that Keener remembers her for the rest of her life and says that she would gladly do it all over again.  Albitz has been banned from that Walmart store for life.  And she’s okay with that.

WATCH the interview here:


Whoever got that on video is surely reaping financial benefits.  It’s GOLD, I tell you!  GOLD!



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