Twitter’s EPIC #BenCarsonWikipedia Trolltag Will Make You Burst With Laughter (TWEETS)

Ben Carson is having a very, very bad week and Twitter is making him pay for it.

The Republican presidential candidate has a serious problem with reality and this week many of his lies came to light. First was the lie that he was involved in a robbery at Popeyes Chicken earlier this month, then came his Medicare and Medicaid lies and there was some nonsense about the Egyptian pyramids being used for grain storage. Today we found out that he lied about his scholarship to West Point and his childhood friends also said his pants were on fire.

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It seems that almost nothing the Doctor has said is true or has any basis in reality. So Twitter, being the amazing place it is, decided to troll Carson and it was beautiful.

Check out the hashtag #BenCarsonWikipedia:

There is no doubt that Ben Carson is sitting in his silo tonight kicking himself for his inability to keep his mouth shut. But don’t forget, although this is hilarious right now, this man is actually running for president. Not only is he running, he is at the top of the Republican polls and that should scare the shit out of all of us.

Featured image via Twitter

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