Trump’s ‘Says Who!’ Lawyer Sees Donald’s Face In A Cloud, Claims It’s God’s Endorsement (IMAGE)

Move over toaster Jesus: The lawyer famous for his “says who?” comment regarding Donald Trump has found a picture of clouds that kinda resembles Trump.

Then, in a disjointed logical fail, decided that obviously a divine decree that “the Lord” has endorsed Trump.

It seems that pareidolia (the mistake of seeing a pattern that doesn’t exist) has taken a hapless victim, and the internet is rolling on the floor laughing over it.

The calls of “say’s who” are ringing out across twitter, but Michael Cohen has no original responses for them.

He simply says, “the Polls.” Which still show Hillary in the lead by about 4 points, but then again, he’s been confused a long time!

How confused, you may ask. This confused: he doesn’t think that rape is possible in marriage. Because saying “I do” means that you no longer have the right to say “no,” apparently.

But, he does see a celestial decree of endorsement because of prevailing winds and moisture.

Shapes in clouds have long been fascinating to humans, but since we have learned that they are just that, shapes in clouds, most people don’t make decisions based on them.

Humor is not something that the right-wing really seems to understand, at least not in a way that is comprehensible to most people. However, they seem to be excellent at putting themselves at the butt of the joke.

Then, there is this:

There you have it, perhaps, then, if this is a “God” thing it was a reminder, tiny hands can mean a teeny, tiny heart and even smaller mind.

Feature image via screen capture

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