Trump Superfan Alex Jones’ ‘F-You Obama’ Tweet Backfires After Twitter Mocks Him Into The Afterlife

What could be more American than a plate stacked high with red meat?

Well, if conservatives are anything to go by, mocking the President. But things went raw for Alex Jones when he tried to combine the two of them on Twitter, and quickly found out just how little the Internet beyond his bubble cares for that, or any, cut of his jib (yes, I’m using a nautical idiom to make a meat joke; better that than use Twitter to make myself a meathead).

“How did we miss this?”

Jones is two things. Well, three — a super Trump fan, a man who despises President Obama, and a lunatic who prompts some of the most nonsensical, Humpty-Dumpty-esque paranoia you’ll ever see or hear on his website and radio show.

For instance, he’s claimed that President Obama was going to “unleash the Beyoncés” on America after refusing to step out of office. Another time in recent memory (i.e., the last month), he claimed that gun owners were the real victims of the shooting in Orlando, Florida, that claimed the lives 49 people and injured 53 others, most of whom were gay. He famously believes that Sandy Hook was a “false flag.”

In addition to believing fringe conspiracy theories, Jones also apparently believes that President Obama dislikes red meat. That’s the only conclusions one can draw from this deeply weird tweet of his:


I don’t suppose Jones realizes garlic isn’t meat, and that bacon and hot dogs aren’t red meat. Maybe it’s just an Illuminati conspiracy to make us think that’s the case. If so, it’s an effective one.

Of course, it was those mistakes, among his faux patriotism and belligerent attitude, that earn him a rather harsh mocking from people on Twitter — presented below in all its glory:

tweet 3


tweet 4Tweet 1 Tweet 2Tweet 5

Tweet 10Tweet 6 Tweet 7 Tweet 8 Tweet 9

I bet it’ll be a while before this Trump Super-Fan shares his barbecue on Twitter again — at least, with the belligerent, faux-patriotism remarks, anyway.

Feature image via Twitter

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