Trump Fangirl Ann Coulter Turns On Cruz, Says He Isn’t A ‘Natural Born Citizen’

Major League Trump fangirl and media troll Ann Coulter, who once upon a time called brithers “cranks,” joined Donald Trump in his attacks on Cruz Wednesday, suggesting Cruz isn’t eligible for the presidency because he’s not a “natural born citizen.”

Ted Cruz should be no stranger to birtherism. His father told Tea Baggers Obama should “go back to Kenya” in 2013, and Cruz has courted that particular population since he caused the government shut down.

Now, though, they’re turning on him, because they’ve found someone better. This is the fate that befalls all populists who pander to the extremes; they can never be pure enough.

The Teflon Don kicked off the new year by taking a swing at Cruz, invoking the specter of Birtherism on Wednesday. And because it’s Pavlovian at this point, Ann Coulter jumped in, swinging at Cruz as well on Twitter:




To be very clear, Cruz can, unfortunately, run for president. Coulter even seems to have understood this two years ago, when she tweeted Cruz “was a born citizen” by virtue of his mother and “CAN RUN FOR PRESIDENT.”

Coulter has never really liked Cruz, though. In 2014, she praised an anti-Cruz column by Thomas Sowell and commented Cruz was a “disaster on immigration.” The only reason she’s jumping aboard this train now is because Trump did so.

For his part, Cruz has dismissed these accusations as “political noise.” A mistake, since he really needs to be dismissing them as “karma.”

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