Trucker Lists ‘Jesus’ As His Co-Driver, Is Fired For Falsifying Documentation (VIDEO)

A Texas truck driver says he was terminated from his job because of his religion. Ramiro Olivarez says he’s not worried about losing his job, as he will find another soon, but that he feels persecuted simply because his employer took issue with his conscious decision to enter false and inaccurate information into his log book — a violation of federal and state laws.

Olivarez wrote that “Jesus” is his co-driver in all of his log books — books every truck driver is required to keep accurately. “The graph on there is strictly Ramiro Olivarez. And Jesus is my co-driver, and that’s my belief. That he’s with me,” the truck driver told KRGV.

Despite his belief, however, Olivarez does not actually have a co-driver. According to termination documents, Jesus’ friend was warned repeatedly against  “submitting incomplete documentation and falsifying legal documents.” The letter of termination notes that writing “Jesus” as the name of his co-driver was a violation of both federal and state law.

Olivarez maintains that he broke now laws because it’s real to him, dammit! “Jesus is my co-driver, and I have no shame in that,” he told the station. He claims no one has ever warned him not to write “Jesus” in his log books, but says if they had, he would draw a cross instead — or write nothing, at all.

Olivarez challenges other truck drivers around the nation to create a liability for their employers, lose their jobs, and neglect their families’ needs so they can make a meaningless, theologically-driven and thoroughly senseless “point,” as well:

I strongly encourage you to put Jesus as your co-driver. Let’s make a stand.

Drivers caught falsifying documents are “placed out of service for 10 consecutive hours and fined up to $200.” They can also  be fined by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The trucking company can also face thousands of dollars in penalties.

Watch a report on this “persecution,” below:

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