TLC to Air Show About Totally NOT Gay Mormon Guys…Who Are All Attracted To Other Men (VIDEO)

If you enjoy the thought of kissing another man, many would consider you gay — or, at least, bisexual. However, some men openly admit that they love the thought of getting down and dirty with another guy — but at not remotely gay.

TLC, the network that hosts conservative super-show 19 Kids and Counting, is once again attempting to up its right-wing street credentials with a special that pushes the moronic theory that being gay is a choice — “My Husband’s Not Gay.”

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In this program, women appear to delude themselves into thinking that their husbands — who openly admit that they are attracted to other men — are not in any way actually gay.

Sound ridiculous? It is.

The show centers around a group of Mormon men living in Salt Lake City who have chosen what one man in the trailer for the show called “an alternative to an alternative lifestyle.” The program features couples Jeff and Tanya, Pret and Megan, Curtis and Tera, and a 35-year-old single guy named Tom, according to The Wrap.

One of the clearly confused individuals, who’s featured in the trailer for the show, claims:

I’m interested in men — I’m just not interested in men.


One of the wives, whose husband openly admits to liking men, inexplicably complains that she gets:

…a little defensive when somebody calls my husband gay.


And the husband of an unfortunate woman who has chosen to live a lie with him says:

There’s no marriage that’s perfect — ours isn’t. With our faith in God we believe we can overcome anything.

Okay, sure.

To top it all off, one of the men even “explains” that he is totally attracted to his wife, but  “definitely attracted to men, too.”

Enough already!

Look, guys, if you’re gay — own it. Those of us with any sense in society will not judge you. If you’re bisexual — same thing. That simply means you have more options, but to perpetuate the myth that homosexuality is a choice (it’s not) is simply irresponsible and offensive to those of us who have opened a book that does not end in “-ible” in the past decade.

It is shameful that TLC would make such an unabashed effort to support discredited right-wing myths about homosexuality, but not really surprising given the rest of the channel’s ridiculous lineup.

Watch the trailer for the special, below:

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