This Year ‘Grumpy Cat’ May Have Made More Money Than You’ll Make In Your Lifetime

A recent report by Britain’s Express states that the world’s most famous feline, Grumpy Cat, has made about $100 million in the last two years. The figure was quickly disputed by the cat’s owner, Tabatha Bundesen of Morristown, Arizona.

While Bendesen said the figure is “completely inaccurate,” what she didn’t say was — in which direction? Is $100 million too high, or too low?

Just take a look at what Grumpy Cat is churning out. She has a TV deal with Lifetime that includes a movie called “Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever”; an endorsement contract with Friskies cat food; two books (one of which was a bestseller); a new iced coffee line called “Grumppuccino”; earnings from YouTube; a meme business; and a website that sells Grumpy Cat merchandise online.

A million here, a million there — what’s the difference?

How far off could the figure be? What’s another million or two, more or less? Bundesen said she’ll reveal an accurate accounting of her pet’s income soon — probably through the Lifetime TV station, since she already has a deal with them.

Apparently, the estimate of $100 million came from the cat’s agent, Ben Lashes, who called her a “global icon.” In August, he said that Grumpy Cat had “generated” about $100 million. Presumably, that includes his cut and possibly the cut of a whole lot of other people. However, what goes to owner Bundesen can’t be too shabby. She told Express:

She’s unstoppable. What she’s achieved in such a short time is unimaginable and absolutely mind-blowing.  I was able to quit my job as a waitress within days of her first appearance on social media and the phone simply hasn’t stopped ringing since.

It’s not likely to stop ringing, either. As Bundesen says:

 People take one look at her and fall in love, even if they actually think she’s pug ugly.

Does Grumpy Cat inspire love — ‘pug ugly’ or not?

At home, the cat is known as Tarder Sauce. For those who aren’t familiar with the grumpy feline, her perpetual look of irritation comes from having dwarfism — not that anyone knows if she’s actually unhappy with the condition. However, it created the ‘we-are-not-amused’ expression, accentuated by an underbite, that perpetually inhabits Tarder Sauce’s face.

So set envy aside. Take comfort, if you like, in the fact that Grumpy Cat probably out-earned at least two of capitalism’s other great beneficiaries — Lady Gaga and Britney Spears. Then you, too, can fall in love with Grumpy Cat, if you haven’t already.

Here’s the original YouTube video that was posted in 2012, when she was just a baby.

Feature Photo by Bryan Bundesen
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