This Florida Cop’s Car Paid A Heavy Price After He Arrested A Man Trying To Get To A Bathroom

24-year-old Carlos Adonis Ramos-Erazo of central Florida had a sh*tty day last Thursday. When he was nabbed for doing 75 in a 55, things went horribly wrong for him. He tried to explain to the officer that he was speeding to get home to use the bathroom, but unfortunately for him the speeding ticket was about to take precedence. Ramos-Erazo decided that was unacceptable and abruptly drove off, hitting the Lake County Sheriff’s Deputy’s elbow in the process.

The deputy followed the man to his house, chasing him down and tazing him before he could make it inside. The deputy was, of course, completely justified in his actions. The man was doing 20 miles per hour over the speed limit. He was put in harm’s way when the man sped off. Nabbing him before he made it in the house could have potentially saved material evidence and/or avoided a standoff. Add to that the fact that the officer used non-lethal force instead of the current norm of shooting first and asking questions later and what you have is a clean bust.

The only problem was, poor Carlos really did just have to go to the bathroom. After his arrest he had what is described as “an accident,” relieving his bowels and bladder in the back of the police car. He was taken into custody and charged with fleeing police and battery on a police officer and is currently out on $18,000 bail.

There are far too many instances of this kind of thing going horribly wrong and ending up in the tragedy section of the news cycle rather than the weird news/humor category. Fortunately, nobody was seriously hurt. Unfortunately, that’s probably little consolation for the offricer who gets to enjoy the stench of his latest collar and the man who paid $18,000 to take a dump.

It really is just a sh*tty situation.


Featured image via Lake County Sheriff’s Department

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