The TRUTH About Obama Disrupting Wedding To Play Golf — And His Heartfelt Apology (VIDEO)

When Army Captains Natalie Heimel and Edward Mallue, Jr., were making their wedding plans, they never imagined they would make national headlines.

Yet, that is exactly what happened, when Right-wing media caught wind that their wedding plans had to be changed due to President Obama’s golf game.

The couple was aware that President Obama was in town. They even invited the President to their wedding.

According to Bloomberg:

The golf course, located on the Marine Corps Base Hawaii, is a regular stop for Obama when he’s in the state, with the Ko’olau Mountains framing the front nine and majestic views of Pacific coastline spanning the back nine. It’s also a favorite spot for Mallue, a golfing enthusiast.

Still, anyone planning an event at the course when the president may be in town is warned about the potential for last-minute shuffling, said Naile Brennan, manager of K Bay Catering, which was handling logistics for the wedding.

On the day of the couple’s rehearsal, just 24-hours before their wedding, they were informed the venue would have to be changed due to President Obama’s tee time.

Cue Right-wing head explosions.

As it turns out, President Obama was not informed of the couple’s wedding. Despite the regret they received from the White House, it is implausible to believe President Obama personally responds to each invitation, of which there are many.

Still, when President Obama was informed of the couple’s last minute venue change, he made a special call to apologize for the incident. Here is a transcript of the call:

“Listen. Congratulations on your wedding. I feel terrible. Nobody told us,” Obama told the couple on speakerphone. “If they had just mentioned that they were going to have a wedding on the 16th hole, we would have skipped the 16th hole.”

He added, “I hope the wedding went OK anyway.”

“It did,” the groom replied. “Thank you very much. It was a blessing in disguise.”

“How long you been going out?” the president inquired.

The couple told him they had been dating since 2011. Both Army captains, they each attended West Point but didn’t meet until they were stationed together in Germany. They now live in Hawaii.

“Now, the only question is where do you honeymoon when you live in Hawaii?” Obama asked.

“We haven’t figured that part out yet,” Heimel laughed.

The couple was thrilled to receive a call from the President and, in the end, it all worked out.

The Mallue’s were married on the lush, green lawn near the home of Colonel Eric Schaefer, the commanding officer of the base, which offers an elevated view near the 16th hole.

The call between President Obama and the Mallue’s was captured on film, which you can watch below.

Watch the video here:



H/T: The Blaze | Featured Image: Screen Grab

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