The Newest Trend In Baby Making – Real Virgin Births

Please, no one tell Bristol Palin, but there is a trend now of women remaining virgins yet still giving birth to babies.

No, this isn’t an invention of the right-wing Christian purity pledge groups who claim that sex isn’t sex if it doesn’t involve that one very specific hole. These are young British women who are embracing the idea of motherhood sans a man, and often sans much else in their lives.

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Naturally, the technology involved is In Vitro Fertilization, which mixes the egg and sperm in a petri dish. At least four British fertility firms are seeing young single women who have never had intercourse wanting a baby. According to doctors, there have been about 25 successful such births in the last five years.

While 25 might not seem like such a big trend, if you think about it, most people can name only one virgin birth and that is rather dubious.

Fertility doctors said single women who had never had sexual intercourse were seeking donor-assisted treatment — at a cost of around $10,000 — because they wanted to have a child now and save sex for a “special relationship.”

Others said their cases involved women with a fear of sex.

A lot of them are very young, in their twenties, sometimes studying or doing very ordinary jobs and often living with their parents

Source: Vancouver Sun

Despite what you might think, this idea is not going over well with religious people, who believe that family involves both a mother and  a father.

Some of the women, not surprisingly, are lesbians, but many have simply never had a long term relationship or they’ve never had a relationship that included sex. Some are afraid of sex or have medical reasons for staying celibate.

Now, before men’s rights activists start freaking out, know that most women do still enjoy sex, but options could mean that you might have to be a little more respectful and an all around better person.

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