The Best Dubyah Portrait Ever: A Pr*ck Painted With A P*nis

Yeah, this goes all the way back to 2007, but timeless humor is…timeless.

An artist who calls himself “Pricasso” has a rather unusual method of painting.  His instrument of choice for putting paint to the canvas is…his penis.  That’s right, this marvelous portrait of George W. Bush, which puts him the goofish, clowny light he so very much deserves, was painted with the most appropriate tool conceivable for this particular job:

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Pricasso, whose real name is Tim Hatch, is a UK born resident of Australia.  He’s been painting with his special little friend since 2005.  After paining a portrait on a dare, he decided this extremely unusual talent should be shared with the world.

While he’s largely unrecognized by art galleries and collectors, his pieces have fetched upwards of $15,000.  To anyone who thinks the likeness of Bush painted with Mr. Winky is about the funniest thing they’ve ever seen, this portrait is priceless.

Pricasso makes his own water-based paints due to the lye content in traditional paint, and covers his piece and buttocks with Vaseline so he can work for extended periods of time without skin irritation:



Dubyah himself is no stranger to the art world.  Since leaving office he’s taken up painting, with his works best described as “my seven-year old can do better.”  One could speculate that Bush spends his days painting so he won’t have to think about the hundreds of thousands of deaths he caused, crashing the economy with horrid policies, un-tethered discretionary spending and deregulation and that look of “Holy crap what do I do” when he was interrupted while reading “The Pet Goat” on September 11th, 2001.

Yes, it is true that Pricasso has painted other world leaders, including a picture of President Obama with John McCain, but that doesn’t make the reference to anything about Dubyah that’s penis related any less hilarious.

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