#CocksNotGlocks – Because There’s No Such Thing As An Assault Dildo (IMAGES)

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) recently signed S.B. 11, it takes effect Aug. 1, 2016, allowing licensed holders to carry a concealed handgun on university campuses.

Not everyone is in favor of this law. William McRaven, System Chancellor of University of Texas recently told CNN that he is against it.

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I’ve spent my whole life around guns. I grew up in Texas hunting. I spent 37 years in the military. I like guns, but I just don’t think having them on campus is the right place.

Some University of Texas students agree, and have formed a group opposing the “campus carry” law — in a way that is sure to get attention!

UT student, Jessica Jin, started a ” Campus DILDO Carry ” event on Facebook in order to organize fellow students who also disagree with the idea that allowing more guns on campus will make students safe. Jessica believes this law is based off a fallacy and is urging students to strap plastic phalluses to their bags to draw attention and make that point clear.

The group even has a slogan!


The event has even gotten the attention of some seriously butthurt ammosexuals. Their  Facebook page has been flooded with negative and even down right disturbing comments since it was created. One Facebook post read:

I’m guessing that the organizer of this event is a huge slut. Should be funny to watch!

And then there were these silly comments:

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There are hundreds more, just like those but we’d be here all day.

After reading a majority of these ridiculous comments, I realized the pro-gun nuts really didn’t get where the dildos come into play. They just assumed the statement was dildos were better protection– not the case.

While Jessica is using phalluses to point out a fallacy, the dildos really do play a big part in the argument against the open carry law on their campus. UT has a strict rule regarding free sexual expression in order to protect your innocence.  She is drawing attention to the fact students could receive a citation for taking a Dildo, but not a gun. Because according to UT rules, your innocence is more important that your safety. Ridiculous!

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