CDC Data Identifies Gun Deaths As The Most Distinctive Cause Of Death In Tennessee

New data released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reveals the “most distinctive” cause for death in every state of the union, and some set more distinctly than others.

Standing out in the pack, according to The Tennessean, is Tennessee. Tennessee has a very distinctive cause for death: accidental discharge of firearms.

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The NRA-Friendly State

Last month, Tennessee showed that government could work efficiently with the proper direction when it fast-tracked a “guns in parks” bill, ahead of an NRA convention that would be held in the state.

Haslam signed the bill into law on April 24, writing in a letter to Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey that, “Overall I believe the legislation in its final form is a vast improvement from the bill as initially introduced.”

Improvement or not, the controversial bill likely will not help with the number of gun deaths; there were 336 accidental gun deaths in Tennessee between 2001 and 2010, according to CDC data.

The gun deaths aren’t the main cause for death in the state — that ignominious title usually goes to heart disease — but the data focused instead on causes of death that “veer most widely from the national average.”

Alabama, Arizona, and Arkansas join Tennessee as having accidental gun deaths as the most distinctive cause for death.

Other Distinctive Causes of Death

The CDC data paints a grim and unusual picture of the United States. For instance, in Louisiana, syphilis is the most distinctive cause for death, despite the STI representing only 22 deaths, while in North Carolina, it’s “nutritional deficiencies” with 103 deaths.

In Washington D.C., it was HIV, which killed 1,977 people. Likewise, HIV was also the most distinctive cause for death in Florida.

According to the CDC, the statistics are designed “to present a more nuanced view of mortality variation within the United States.”

You can see the statistics mapped below:

United States by most distinctive cause of death (

United States by most distinctive cause of death (Source)

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