Teen ‘Too Drunk’ To Complete School Shooting, Police Arrest Him At Home Next Day

Drinking too much before the event can make you lose track of the details, or at least your nerve. Sixteen-year-old Alexander Nemphos, who attended the George Washington Carver Center for Arts and Technology in Baltimore, Maryland, reportedly planned to kill students, teachers, and a police officer at his school, as well as his parents, until he got a little too drunk. A separate investigation, into several local parking lot thefts, led to Baltimore County Police Officer Tim McLaughlin speaking with Nemphos, and uncovering the plot gone awry.

A witness description of a boy seen in the parking lot near where the thefts occurred led to police questioning a local 7-Eleven clerk, who had seen him getting in a car with an adult before, as well as trying to buy cigarettes, and had recorded the plate number of the car. The car turned out to be owned by Alexander’s father.

After questioning, Alexander Nemphos admitted to having stolen from the cars, and forfeited the stolen property. And that’s when police stumbled into something they weren’t quite expecting, according to RT:

At this time, Edward Nemphos [the father] took me aside and advised me that his handgun had been stolen at his place of business in Baltimore City several months ago, and he was worried that Alexander might have something to do with it,” McLaughlin wrote. The teenager denied having the gun, but eventually confessed to having stolen it as well.

“I asked Alexander what he was going to do with the gun, and he stated that he was going to kill his parents with it and then drive to school (Carver Center) and shoot the school police officer and then take the officer’s gun and ammunition and kill as many teachers and students as he could. He then stated that he had made several bombs and was going to blow up the school,” McLaughlin continued. Nemphos had written his plans, as well as a suicide note, in his journal.

Apparently, he had intended to go through with his plan, even bringing a gun to school with him in his backpack on Halloween. Unfortunately for his plan, he drank too much whiskey prior to going to school, so he forgot the bombs (or lost his nerve) and decided to postpone the shooting until the following Monday. He was arrested the day after, Saturday, at his home. He was originally charged as a juvenile, but is now facing adult charges related to weapons and explosives. Nemphos is being held without bail.

Featured image is the booking photo for Alexander Nemphos.

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