Teen Charged With Sexual Assault Delivered To Jail By His Mother (VIDEO)

According to Larimer County Sherriff Justin Smith, a 19-year-old Fort Collins, Colorado teen was arrested last Thursday after being delivered to the local county jail by his own mother after she learned that he had been charged in the sexual assault of a 14-year-old girl.

Sheriff Smith stated:

Certainly, a very unusual situation. What was unusual was when the deputy spoke with the suspect’s mother, and she found out about the charges, she vowed to take care of it.

And that’s just what the mother of Elijah Jackson did – she took care of it, like only a mother could.

Jackson’s mother drove all way to Wyoming to pick her son up after she received a phone call from Sheriff Smith a couple of weeks after an arrest warrant was issued on Oct. 24. Jackson’s sexual assault of the 14-year-old girl allegedly took place last February.

Smith said:

One of the jobs of officers or deputies is to look for people on warrants, and one of our deputies while doing that will reach out to find phone numbers that can find somebody. Certainly, we do have family members cooperate, but to have mom go out of state and pick somebody up and bring them into the jail, first time in a quarter century I’ve seen it occur.

Jackson denied his charges in a phone interview, also stating that he was never in Wyoming and that he had turned himself in, rather than his mother hand-delivering him into custody in the jail parking lot, to which Sheriff Smith joked:

I’m sure when you’re in jail, the last thing you want is for anybody in there sitting in the cell next to you know that your mom brought you to jail.

As a result of the mother’s strong sense of parenting, she saved the county quite a bit of money that it would have had to use to extradite Jackson from Wyoming. Most likely, she saved the victim a bit of time in hopefully heading toward a bit of closure, too.

Smith closed by saying:

I would commend the mother. That’s not easy at any point in time to bring a family member, bring your child in. People think that peace officers have a lot of authority and power, but truth is moms have a heck of a lot more power than that.

Yes and no, Sheriff Smith, but that is an entirely different discussion.

However, the mother is certainly to be commended. Tough as it may be to reckon with the fact that your child may have sexually assaulted someone, and even as tough as it may be to turn that child in to authorities, this mother still had the civil strength, will and understanding that even her precious baby boy doesn’t have the right to sexually assault someone. No, tough as it may have been, she did the right thing, as a parent, as a citizen, as a woman, and as a human being, and she did right by the community, by society at large and by the victim. Good for her. Well done.

Now, let’s hope the justice system actually serves its purpose and not only gets to the bottom of what happened to that poor 14-year-old girl, but convicts the guilty and dishes out an appropriate sentence. In short, let’s hope justice does hold the greatest weight in the courtroom, as it does in at least one mother’s heart.

H/T: www.wusa9.com / (Featured image courtesy of www.wusa9.com)

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