Teapublican Christian Conservative In Virginia Compares Atheists To ISIS During Thanksgiving Prayer (VIDEO)

America’s own Taliban is the poster child for psychological projection, and self-described “Christian conservative tea-party Republican ” Wayne Hazzard — an elected official in Virginia — displayed said projection once again when he compared atheists to Islamic State militants on Tuesday.

Removing God from public life

Rather than begin with a customary invocation for Tuesday’s meeting, chairman of the Hanover County Board of Supervisors, Wayne Hazzard, asked the board to “indulge” him while he took a detour and railed against modern society.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports:

As we celebrate Thanksgiving this week, I think it appropriate that we continue to remember the reason that this great nation was formed and by whose grace it continues to survive. Christians who formed our nation celebrated days of thanksgiving to God. The Jamestown and Plymouth colonists recognized that they were sustained only by God’s providence and celebrated Thanksgiving feasts.

Hazzard is a self-described “Christian conservative tea-party Republican,” although the self-labeling isn’t necessary: I could tell given how he erased the Native Americans. Without the Wampagoag, the pilgrims would probably have died.

Hazzard said that the first three presidents — Washington, Adams, and Madison — all issued proclamations which called for people to express gratitude towards God, and that every president since Lincoln in 1863 has also issued a national Thanksgiving proclamation.

His language quickly changed, though, when he compared non-religious Americans who think state-sponsored prayer is a bad idea with Daesh:

And these days of an enemy from outside of this country as well as people from within who would attempt to remove all recognition of God from public life, we offer this proclamation as a reminder that the United States has always acknowledged our nation … is dependent on God’s grace and providence.

All the “Gott Mit Uns” in the world didn’t save members of the Wehrmacht from the Godless Commies. Nor did calling God out in their charter and tying him with Thanksgiving save the colonists of the Berkeley Hundred from the Indian Massacre of 1622. If this is the God we’re dependent on, I feel a lot safer going solo.

Watch the proclamation below:

Feature image via Friendly Atheist

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