Super Creepy ‘Jared’s Pants’ Kid’s Game On Subway’s Website Will Make You Lose Your Lunch (IMAGE)

A full day after severing ties with Jared Fogle, who is expected to admit to possessing child pornography and paying to have sex with kids, Subway has yet to remove what is now, in retrospect, one of the creepiest things on the internet.

The “Jared’s Pants Dance Game” game for kids allows children to catch candy in a cartoon depiction of Jared’s over-sized pants:


Subway has decided to take the “we’re not going to talk about this” route with Jared Fogle, scrubbing him from their website and declining to comment at all on Facebook and Twitter. Certainly this wretched game’s existence is an oversight. An extremely grotesque oversight that should probably cost their tech guy his job.

Image: Screen capture from Boing Boing

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