‘Should Of (sic) Ordered A Salad Fat A**’ – This Was The Message Written On McDonalds Wrapper

A woman ordered a cheeseburger at McDonalds and while she received the burger, the message written in black marker was anything but appetizing. In fact, the fast food employee allegedly took the time to fat shame her.

The woman is staying anonymous, but a friend of hers posted an image of the burger on Facebook. According to Jessica Johnson, her friend received the burger with “should of (sic) ordered a salad fat a**” written on the wrapper. To make matters worse, employees allegedly went to the window to laugh at her.

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The manager was contacted by someone who saw the post on Facebook. According to this person, he sent a response with the following: “Thank you for sending me that pic. I check [sic] the hand writing and it doesn’t match anything she has written in the past, and I don’t know how they got her last name, when someone calls we give out our first names but never our last names. I will keep investigating.”

It’s tough right now to know if this is real or if it’s trolling, but fat shaming seems to be a trend these days. Even doctors are being trained to stop sugar coating it and call people “fat” when appropriate. Outside the medical profession, everyone from children to internet concern trolls feel they are somehow doing people a favor by insulting their body size, as if they don’t know they are overweight.

They aren’t doing them a service. A study by the University College London says that when overweight people are bullied and fat shamed, they are more likely to gain weight. Common sense will tell you this is true. When people are stressed, they tend to turn to what comforts them. For some, that’s cigarettes or alcohol or even running. For others, it’s food. Plus, when people are made to feel embarrassed in public, they are far less likely to go to gyms, where they think they might be surrounded by thin people.

Of course, I can’t leave the irony of being fat shamed at a McDonalds alone. While McDonalds is likely not the cause of America’s obesity crisis, it’s certainly not helping. McDonalds is at the forefront of scientific food research in how to make Americans addicted to their fat, sugar and salt laden food.

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