Shocking: Walmart Manager Threatens To ‘Call Law Enforcement’ On Caroling Kids (VIDEO)

A Walmart manager in Oregon added to the wonderful public image of the chain that cares only about its bottom line this week by threatening to call the cops on a group of caroling children.

In an attempt to bring a little holiday cheer to their fellow shoppers, a group of kids formed a flash mob and broke into song at the front of the store.

In the video, posted to Facebook earlier this week by Stacy Kerns, the kids can be seen smiling and singing their little hearts out.

That is until they start to break up and stop singing mid-song.

Angry parents and stunned shoppers waiting in line couldn’t believe what they were hearing:

They just threatened to call law enforcement if they didn’t stop singing.

A spokesman for the store refused to comment but said that the kids weren’t invited to sing on their private property.  The children moved on to a Fred Meyers store down the street where they were able to sing without the threat of prosecution.

Walmart hasn’t officially released a statement that their managers are required to be the Grinch who stole Christmas, so one can only assume that this manager hates her life so much that she felt the need to take it out on a group of kids singing Christmas Carols.

Perhaps if she were to find an employer that cared about her, her co-workers, our country, or anything other than profit margins she’d be a little happier.

H/T: Opposing Views | Image: screengrab from YouTube

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