SCOTUS Rules Gay Marriage Legal, Right-Wingers Threaten To Move To Canada. Yes. Canada.

The SCOTUS ruling upset right-wingers across the Internet today, and in the immediate wake of the ruling, many of them partook in a the fine American tradition of threatening to leave the country on social media.

But where would they go? You would assume a country like Iran, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, or Uganda would be to their liking. But, incredibly, no. Instead, to escape marriage equality, these bigots threatened to flood America’s northern border — and move to Canada.


The SCOTUS ruling this morning was a huge blow to the right-wing and the bigotry that they’d been defining themselves with lately.

The tweet #lovewins began trending almost immediately after that, celebrating the victory of the right to marry over bigotry and homophobia. And while this isn’t the end of the battle — in many ways, it’s just the beginning — today was a day for celebration and reflection.

Many right-wingers had no intention of doing that, however. Instead, they took to twitter and threatened to move to Canada.


BuzzFeed first reported on a number of right-wingers who were threatening to move to Canada — until other Twitter users reminded them that gay marriage is legal in Canada, and will have been legal for over a decade on the 20th of next month.

This realization led to many deleting their tweets, and the hashtag #movingtocanada became a source of mockery directed at bigots as ignorant of international politics as they are hateful towards gays. The evidence of these deleted tweets remains across several blogs, however, because the Internet never forgets.

Tweet 12Tweet 9Tweet6

Some tweets survive for posterity in screen captures taken by other Twitter users:

Tweet 8


Below are the four tweets Raylo took screen captures of:

Of course, it’s impossible to resist having fun with these people, as this screenshot here shows:

Tweet 7


Ignorance, they say, is bliss. That’s not true, however, ignorance is painful, especially when you wave it proudly in front of a world that has no intention of humoring it.

Feature image via composite; rainbow flag via Wikimedia Commons

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