Scientists Shocked To Find Donald Trump’s Hairpiece Masquerading As A Caterpillar In The Amazon

According to evolutionary theory, everything is related in some way, and if you go back far enough in the evolutionary tree, you can find distant relatives with every species of life on this planet.

This apparently includes Donald Trump’s hairpiece.

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Donald Trump's hair piece pretending to be a caterpillar

The picture above, taken in 2013, is of a caterpillar called Megalopyge opercularis, also called the “southern flannel moth,” the “pus moth,” or the Donald Trump Caterpillar.

Donald Trump’s rogue hairpiece was found and photographed by Phil Torres while he was leading a photography tour of a Peruvian rainforest. Torres, who works with the Posada Amazonas Rainforest Expeditions, posted the photograph online and almost immediately people were remarking that it looked like Donald Trump’s hair.

I’ve seen some bizarre looking caterpillars in my time of working in the field but this was definitely the weirdest one I’ve ever seen,” Torres told the UK Daily Mail. “I wasn’t sure what I was looking at at first, it was this big yellow fuzzy thing. . . . We didn’t see the resemblance when we first saw the caterpillar, but looking at the photo, it’s certainly similar to his hair. It was pretty funny, people went mad for the photo comparing it to his toupee.

Donald Trump

Separated at birth (image via Wikimedia Commons)

Torres noted that while he’d seen plenty of insects before, this one was so unusual that he had to stop and take the picture.

Interestingly, actually wearing the caterpillar would be a bad mistake. According to Torres, “If you touch that thing, it would seriously hurt. It has these little hairs that can poke into your skin and release a venom.”

Poor moth. It’s bad enough to look goofy, but to look like the hair piece of a perennial political joke? This alone is proof creationism isn’t real; no god is that cruel.

Featured image © Phil Torres

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