Sarah Palin To PETA: Trig Stood On The Dog, But At Least He Didn’t Eat It

Sarah Palin took a lot of heat from Facebook users, and others, over pictures of her son Trig, standing on the family dog. Now the half term governor of Alaska, and star of her own Sarah Palin Channel, is firing back at her critics.

Palin took to her Facebook page on January 3, to attack her critics, in particular PETA. In a classic, overly long Palin rant, the ex-mayor of Wasilla skewers PETA for their “hypocrisy,” and, as usual, she misses the mark.

She starts out by saying, “Chill. At least Trig didn’t eat the dog.” Palin then calls out PETA for not attacking their “Woman of the Year,” Ellen DeGeneres, because of this pic, posted on the Ellen DeGeneres Show Facebook page.

A toddler stands on a dog while brushing teeth

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Apparently totally lost on the failed vice presidential candidate are the following distinctions between Ellen’s pic, and Palin’s.

  1. DeGeneres’s photo is of a toddler, who appears to be between two and three years old. Trig is almost seven, and probably weighs twice as much as the child in Ellen’s picture.
  2. Ellen’s pic was posted with a comment that neither endorsed, nor condemned what the child was doing, where Palin’s was presented as Trig’s way to solve a problem.
  3. While there is no attribution included with Ellen’s photo, it is likely it came from a fan, not from DeGeneres herself, whereas Palin’s photo was her own.

It should be noted that Trig Palin is a special needs child, who, certainly didn’t realize that what he was doing was wrong. But that doesn’t excuse his mother’s taking the photo, then posting it on social media with a comment that indicated her approval, instead of correcting Trig’s behavior.

Palin wants to know why PETA didn’t condemn President Obama for eating dog meat.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Sarah Palin screed without an attack on President Obama. She wants to know where PETA was when the president, who she refers to as PETA’s “heroic Man-of-Your-Lifetime,” said he enjoyed eating dog meat. Of course, in true conservative style, Palin leaves out one small detail: President Obama ate dog meat as a child, in Indonesia. Palin makes it sound like filet of poodle is a staple of the White House menu.

After some blather about PETA’s opposition to the Iditarod dog race, and their concern about commercial fishing, Palin attacks the group for being “anti-beef,” while sitting in “comfy leather office chairs,” and wearing “fashionable leather belts.” (While I can’t say for sure, I’d be willing to bet the half-gov that nobody at PETA has either of those things.) She also rips them for supporting celebrities who “sport fur and crocodile purses,” although she fails to name even one celebrity who is backed by PETA and who is guilty of such offenses. Palin obviously missed PETA’s “I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” campaign, which featured a number of celebrities.

While totally missing the mark in this one, at least we can give Palin a little credit for writing somewhat coherently, instead of in her usual, “word salad” style. And she mentions how much her family loves their dog, “Jill Hadassah.” They love the dog so much, that, instead of correcting Trig’s behavior when he started to stand on it, Palin ran for her camera.

We also need to put Louie Gohmert, and his former congressional cohort Michele Bachmann, on this one: “Hadassah.” Isn’t that a “Moos-lim” name, Sarah?

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