Sarah Palin Accuses Mayor De Blasio Of Murdering A Groundhog. Yes, She Did (VIDEO)

Sarah Palin continues her war with those who were upset that she apparently condoned her son Trig standing on the family dog. Last week, the half-term governor was attacked on social media for her pictures and comments about the incident. Of course, ever the middle schooler when it comes to her behavior, Palin took to her Facebook page to respond in a rant that attacked Ellen DeGeneres, PETA, and, of course, President Obama. You might think that would have been the end of the story, but no, the Wasilla pit bull can’t let it go.

Palin appeared on Fox “News” with Sean Hannity on January 5 to talk further about the whole firestorm surrounding “dog-gate.” She starts by criticizing PETA again, saying that they had been after her for years due to her stance on hunting. But, she says, “This one, kind of took me aback.”

Hannity displays a PETA press release about the dog incident, and Palin comes back with more of the same nonsense she spewed in her Facebook screed. “Well, I guess they don’t know where their leather belts, and leather chairs, and their crocodile purses, many of the elites that are part of that leftist PETA group, where those come from,” she says.

Palin has yet to offer any proof that anyone connected with PETA sits in leather chairs, or wears leather belts. She seems to be oblivious to the fact that there are chairs and belts that are made of things other than leather.

Next comes a repeat of her attack on Ellen DeGeneres, who posted a similar picture to the one Palin posted, last summer. Still totally lost on Palin is the difference between a toddler, who might weigh 25 to 30 pounds, and soon to be seven year old Trig, who probably weighs twice that much, standing on a dog.

PETA’s Man of the Year “killed a groundhog.”

After the rehashing of her attacks from her Facebook post, Palin brings in a new one.

And also, you know, their ‘man of the year,’ in 2014, was [New York City] Mayor De Blasio, who, my goodness, he killed a groundhog, didn’t he?

Mayor De Blasio did what? According to Palin, he killed a groundhog, named Staten Island Chuck. Even the Murdoch owned Wall Street Journal has a problem with that spin on the story. They report:

At last February’s annual Groundhog Day ceremony, his first as mayor, Mr. de Blasio was cradling Chuck, who was actually a female named Charlotte, when it squirmed. Mr. de Blasio lost his grip.

The groundhog fell to the ground in front of dozens of shocked school children. A week later, the groundhog died of “internal injuries and bleeding,” according to zoo officials.

The story goes on to say that the groundhog was examined after the fall, and there was no evidence found of pain or injury at that time. Zoo officials say the injury could have happened from another incident, since Chuck/Charlotte died a week later. But, you know how things work in the warped world of Sarah Palin, where allowing your child to stand on the family dog, while you take pictures and tweet about it, is okay, but dropping a squirming groundhog is some sort of heinous crime.

Here’s the video, via “Ring Of Fire”:


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