Right Wing ‘News’ Site Twists Cute Obama Moment Into Something ‘Awkward’ in Stupidest Article EVER (VIDEO)

President Obama took advantage of early voting today in Illinois. While at the booth, President Obama was next to a young woman, Aia Cooper, who was also casting her ballot. While the cameras were rolling, the Aia’s boyfriend walked past the two, and made a lighthearted joke.

“Mr. President, don’t touch my girlfriend,” said the man, later identified as Mike.

President Obama quipped back, “I wasn’t really planning on it.” He then made a few jokes at Mike’s expense, playing out a conversation that Aia would have with her friends later.

At the end, President Obama and Aia kissed each other on the cheek.

That did not stop the right-wing blogosphere from turning the comical moment into a Lewinsky-style scandal.

IJReview.com, in particular, felt that President Obama was “mortified” by the “brutally awkward comment.”

Maybe Mike was a little justified in his protection over Aia – after all, it just last week that Obama reported having “hugged and kissed” nurses who had treated Ebola patients!

Of course, IJReview opted to spread even more misinformation over another moment in which President Obama tried to quell all the hysteria surrounding. Unfortunately, the people were commenting on the story seemed to buy their explanation.

All screen captures from IJReview.com:

The comments degrade from there. This is just another moment of Obama Derangement Syndrome, created and perpetrated by the extreme right. Even a moment of levity becomes something worse.

Watch the video below

Watch the video here, and comment as to your take on the exchange. A lighthearted joke or a huge embarrassment to President Obama?

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1DHfOuXilc?rel=0]
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