Right-Wing Fascist Who Claimed ‘Frozen’ Turned Girls Gay Says God Caused Paris Attacks (AUDIO)

Kevin Swanson is a man who lives in his own reality. In his own reality, Walt Disney’s Frozen and the U.S. women’s soccer team turns girls gay. In his reality, people wear cow manure to weddings. And in his reality, God is responsible for the terrorist attacks on Paris because God was sending a message.

What was that message? God is angry (because isn’t he always?), and given God’s previous track record venting his Righteous Anger™ I can only conclude that some poor SOB in Mörön, Khövsgöl aimag Mongolia pissed him off.

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Kiss the Devil

I’m surprised it took this long for a right-wing Christian to blame the Paris attacks on their cultural bugaboos, but Kevin Swanson is usually pretty good about making these sorts of ghoulish proclamations, and because nature hates a vacuum, it was only a matter of time before he filled it.

According to Swanson, God used the terrorists to send a message, and by sheer coincidence, I’m sure, that message is exactly the same message that Swanson wants it to be. Right Wing Watch reports:

According to Swanson, the mass shooting at the theater was ‘a message from God’ since it targeted fans of the rock band Eagles of Death Metal and reportedly occurred as the band played a song titled ‘Kiss the Devil.’

‘When you get a wake-up call like what happened at France’s 9/11 last Friday night at the concert,’ Swanson said, ‘I think we all need to pay attention to what’s happening: This is a message from God. God is shooting a shot across the bow and we better be paying attention to this.’

That was a ghastly pun, Swanson.

Or we can look at all the earlier examples of God’s rage and then come to the conclusion that some poor sap somewhere in Öymököön, Oymyakonsky raion is responsible. That’s just as likely, if not more so.

He continued, describing the concert as devil worship, and asked the survivors of the massacre if they “love the Devil’s works as your friends were being shot up in the massacre?”

Because he didn’t think that his loathsome point got across the first time, he followed it up by asking: “Did you appreciate the works of the Devil as your friends were being shot up in that concert?”

The terrorists attempted to detonate a bomb at a soccer game, as well; given Swanson’s earlier claims about soccer, I’m honestly surprised he didn’t try to use that instead. But a ghoul will be a ghoul regardless which human carcass he’s feeding on, and Swanson can afford to be choosy; there’s a lot of dead people.

Listen to Swanson below

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Feature image via Right Wing Watch

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