‘Responsible Gun Owner’ Shoots Woman In The Back Because She Was Driving Too Slowly (VIDEO)

A Georgia driver is being sought by police following a road rage incident. That driver, who until he committed his crime would have likely fit the profile of the NRA’s “good guy with a gun,” shot a woman apparently because she was driving too slowly.

The woman, 44-year-old Angelina Christiano, was driving her yellow Corvette on highway 78 in DeKalb County, Georgia on October 12, when a Mustang pulled up behind her in the center lane and began tailgating her. According to WSB-TV, Christiano motioned for the driver to come around. Instead, what the other driver did was pull alongside her and shoot into her car several times. Christiano was struck in the back, and was taken to the hospital in critical condition. Her 25-year-old son who was in the car with her and was uninjured.

Police are looking for the driver of the Mustang, and until he is found we can’t speculate too much about him. There’s a chance that he already had a criminal record before this incident, which means the NRA wouldn’t call him a “good guy with a gun.” But Dennis A. Henigan, in his book Lethal Logic: Exploding the Myths That Paralyze American Gun Policy, makes this observation:

According to some studies, most homicide offenders have serious prior criminal records. One Justice Department study showed that 67 percent of homicide defendents in the largest urban counties have at least one felony arrest; 54 percent have at least one felony conviction.

But, Henigan goes on to say that an Illinois study found that a minority — 42 percent — of those arrested for murder had felony convictions within the previous 10 years. Then he observes:

There is, of course, a flip side to the data showing that a majority, or near majority, of gun homicides are committed by offenders who already have a criminal record. It means that many gun homicides are committed by people who have no criminal record until they pull the trigger. [emphasis in original]

This is apparently the sort of thing the NRA wants for America; a daily re-enactment in multiple locations of scenes from the Michael Douglas movie Falling Down“You’re driving too slow for me.” BAM! One less driver cluttering up the roads. “Hey, I didn’t want mayo on this sandwich!” BAM! “Look at that, now there’s a job opening here.” When do we say that enough is enough?

And what advice do police have to offer to avoid incidents like this? Major Stephen Fore told WSB-TV, “In today’s time, I’d encourage anyone to avoid confrontation with motorists out on the roadway. You just don’t know what’s in that other person’s mind.”

Here’s a report on the incident, from WGCL-TV:

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