Republican Home Schooling Parents Refuse To Educate Kids, Because Jesus Will Come For Them Anyway

This is not “home schooling,” it’s child abuse. So begins the case of Laura McIntyre of Austin TX. Laura began teaching her 9 children more than 10 years ago in a vacant office at a motorcycle dealership she ran with her husband and other family members.

However, now the family is involved in a legal fight with the Texas Supreme Court next week that could have a lot of judicial precedent-setting power for the recent explosion of homeschooling parents nationwide.

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The problem is that Laura decided not to actually bother teaching her children anything. Literally no subjects were taught to them in any form because she said Jesus was just going to come and Rapture them away soon. For those not “in the know”, The Rapture is what happens when Jesus returns to earth. All the good people are magically whisked away to some Republican fairy tale land of guns, god and no gays. The rest of us have to stay here and watch reruns of the Rush Limbaugh show, I suppose. But in the end, this is the exact and only reason why she decided to “home school”. She wanted to keep her kids ignorant and indoctrinate them with hokey religious dogma then let Jesus just pluck them away to heaven.

McIntyre literally was home schooling her kids but refused to do the ‘schooling’ part, because she thought Jesus would take care of it for her. What more can anyone even say that this doesn’t say on its own?

Laura McIntyre suffers from a common malady that pollutes the home school environment, of no regulation leading to some parents abusing it to indoctrinate and socially isolate their children. This isn’t a rant against home schooling at all, but against the people who willfully subvert it to conduct terrible, mentally abusive practices against their own kids.

The family’s 17-year-old daughter ran away from home because she wanted to go back to school. She was placed in 9th grade, at 17, because the school didn’t feel she had the ability to deal with anything higher at the time. Clearly Jesus has been lax in his duties.

In court filings, the McIntyres say that the school district is biased against Christians and accused its officials of mounting a “startling assertion of sweeping governmental power”. Oh God, not this nonsense again. Society telling you that you have to do right by your kids is not some governmental overreach and theft of your freedom, you freakin’ asshat.

Sadly it IS this nonsense again. Folks, we settled this idea long ago about other people being owned property to use or misuse or abuse as you see fit. We fought a freakin’ civil war over it. The good guys won and laid that issue to rest once and for all. NO, your children are not property. NO, they are not “owned” by you. You have the privilege of providing for their best interests which includes letting them leave your side and go to public school, or even a private school if you choose. However, this does not mean you own them completely and can just choose not to teach them anything at all because you are convinced a magical invisible man in the sky will do it for you.

Texas mandates a written curriculum providing a bona fide education “designed to meet basic educational goals” in reading, spelling, grammar, mathematics and citizenship. But it doesn’t require home-school students to take standardized tests or otherwise show progress, making the standard unenforceable. This is where the problem is: zero accountability. Also, if you think that there will be a sudden revision of this law, you might as well forget it, because “Texas,” so of course it won’t be fixed.

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