Racist Murderer George Zimmerman: Buy My Confederate Flag Paintings, Win A Prize! (VIDEO)

George Zimmerman wants YOU to buy his paintings of a confederate flag, that look as if they were a 9-year old’s art project from Summer Camp — at best.

Florida Gun Supply has partnered with Zimmerman to sell signed and numbered prints to help pay legal costs for a friend.

This is not the first time Florida Gun Supply has been in the news. Approximately a month ago, their bigoted owner declared his store to be a “muslim free zone”.  They have an ad on their website claiming that anyone who buys a print will automatically be entered in a drawing to win the original painting of Zimmerman’s, which they say could be valued up to $100,000!


George Zimmerman’s pathetic Confederate Flag painting

Literally, George Zimmerman’s only marketable skill is causing gun-related violence and/or death, and he is making money on it. This is why we can’t have nice things in this country.

The most recent painting of George Zimmerman’s was sold for $100,000 on eBay. The chances of this one being worth the same are very high, due to all the recent confederate flag controversy and fetishism by the right wing. How SICK is that?

Featured Image via georgenandy.com | Edited by If You Only News

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