Qur’an Burning Presidential Candidate, Pastor Terry Jones, Threatened With Death While Selling French Fries

Pastor Terry Jones, the 2016 presidential candidate who caused an international uproar when he spewed anti-Islamic rhetoric while burning the Qur’an, has made the news again. Jones, who now runs a french fry stand, Fry Guys, in a Florida mall, reported that he was threatened with death last week.

According to the Manatee County Sheriff’s report, Jones was approached and threatened at Desoto Square Mall on April 29th:

The owner of Fry Guy (Pastor Terry Jones) was at the listed address at his business. At this time a unknown black male came up to the counter and stated that Terry should never have come to this country and after work Terry would need his gun if he had one. The black male fled the scene and is unknown at this time. Terry stated that the man appeared to have mental health issues. Terry stated that he just wanted the incident documented.

The good horrible, douchebag pastor relocated his Christian fundamentalist church, Dove World Outreach Center, to Bradenton about a year ago after he stirred up a whirlwind of hate in Gainsville. When he opened his fry stand in the mall many people expressed fear at having a man who is reportedly on an al-Qaida “wanted list” operating a business in such a busy place. Mall management said they had no idea who he was when they approved him and asked him to take his picture off of the wall at the stand.

Now, I’m not saying he’s lying about his newest controversy, but it’s pretty convenient that this so-called threat happened weeks after he announced his presidential run. He waited until the day after to report it to the police, so he obviously wasn’t frightened. If some “black guy” really threatened to shoot him, wouldn’t he call the police right away? I live right down the street from the mall where he operates his fry stand, and the sheriff’s department is literally right across the street.

The story seems a bit fishy.

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