Professional Quitter Sarah Palin’s Brilliant Plan To Fight ISIS: ‘Quit Being A Namby-Pamby’

Daesh, or ISIS, or ISIL for those of us liberals who are secret Muslims and apparently support their attempts to establish a Middle Eastern caliphate, is proving to be a tough nut to crack. But don’t worry, America — your favorite half-term governor is here to offer another one of her marvelous nuggets of wisdom, her invaluable advice, and it’ll have us all wondering why we didn’t think of it before.

“It’s so naïve”

So what is Palin’s mind-blowing strategy, so effective that it has four-star generals slapping their foreheads and asking why they didn’t think of it first?

It’s a strategy pulled right from Jeb Bush’s playbook — that is, the strategy saying we should have a strategy.

Great minds think alike. So do simple ones, and here’s proof.

While appearing across from Wendy Griffith on “Fun Time with Crazy Uncle Pat” — a.k.a The 700 Club  — Thursday, the over-achiever from Alaska was asked how she would defeat Daesh. Palin immediately identified the problem — we spend too much time trying “to understand them” and less time doing . . . something:

You have to quit being this namby-pamby, kind of milquetoast, ‘let’s discuss things with them, let’s reach out and try to understand them.’ No, they’re the enemy, they’re evil.

She probably think’s they’re evil because they wear black. I honestly doubt Palin is remotely aware of anything else — I’m not entirely convinced Palin can pass a Chinese Room test, leave off a current events test.  She takes English characters in and spits back garbled nonsense; a biological example of the old programming maxim: “garbage in, garbage out.”

Of course, Palin had plenty of examples of Obama meeting with Daesh representatives, she just didn’t feel it fit to offer any. She did, however, disagree with Hillary Clinton’s assertion we’re not at war with Islam:

It’s so naïve. It’s a scary kind of naïve that anyone would believe that radical Islamic movement, jihad, that it could be understood, leading to some kind of embracing of it, no, we have to be honest about it, it has to be stopped.

Since this is like Jeb Bush’s strategy, I can only conclude this is an example of that famous right-wing “strategery.” You know, the “strategery” that turned Iraq into a fully functioning democracy and into the albatross feather in the cap of Neoconservative foreign policy.

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