Pot Grower In Florida Has Hilarious Reaction To Helicopter Outside His ‘Farm’

A man growing pot in a storage unit in Florida got so scared when he heard a chopper outside that he immediately called the police to tell them he was the person the chopper was looking for. Growing pot is currently illegal in Florida, and the man was so paranoid about it that it didn’t occur to him to try and find out if the chopper was even a police chopper, let alone what it was doing there.

It turns out that it wasn’t a police chopper. It was a news chopper covering an unrelated incident nearby. Nevertheless, Jasper Harrison told police exactly where they could find him and his illegal pot farm. He is now facing charges of illegally growing pot within 1,000 feet of a school and possession with intent to sell.

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We have to ask the question: How much money does a police department spend on something like this? This would have cost a little less because there was no in-depth investigation, or manhunt for the supplier behind a pot ring or anything like that. Still, though, it costs money to incarcerate someone and charge them. Prosecuting marijuana cases suck money down a black hole.

It also speaks to the problems we’re having with police shooting unarmed and/or non-threatening suspects. There have been countless examples such as the Gilbert Flores case in Texas,  the San Francisco PD case and not to mention the Ferguson case. Harrison wanted to be able to come out of the storage unit in which he was locked without getting shot and he figured calling the police himself was the best way to do that.

The incident the news chopper was watching was an unrelated, but suspicious, death on the same street as Harrison. Police were there because of that, and their presence had nothing to do with Harrison. However, since he was actually breaking the law, they did arrest him (fortunately without shooting him). He’s been released on bond from the Volusia County Jail.

Featured image via Volusia County Corrections

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