Photo Studio Treats Yearbook Like Fashion Mag, Drastically Photoshops Girls’ Photos

The studio who was hired to take senior pictures for an all-girls’ school has heavily altered the photographs in much the same way that magazine photos are edited. One girl was outraged enough to post her “before” and “after” photos to Reddit. The “after” photo shows some serious editing, including making her face look considerably thinner than it really is.


Girl’s Senior Portrait (before and after) | Image via Reddit

It’s pretty standard for studios to do minor alterations to portraits like these, such as airbrushing blemishes out. Students generally don’t mind having that horrific pimple that just had to appear the day they were scheduled to go get their portraits done removed from the final picture. Everyone wants to look their best, but they also want to look like themselves.

However, slimming down someone’s face and neck is catering to the ridiculous, impossible beauty standards the magazines and catalogs have created with their overuse of editing, and it is outrageous. Not all girls want to be altered that way. According to Sploid, the girl listed the following changes to her portrait, and also said:

I go to an all girls high school and today every senior got a new student ID. We had gotten one in the beginning of the school year and we were all unsure as to why we were given a second. After closer inspection we realized that our photos had be [sic] retouched far past smoothing out blemishes. Here is a list of changes made in my photo:

  • face smoothing
  • skin recoloring
  • lip recoloring
  • eyebrow smoothing and reshaping
  • face thinning

I was outraged! I have a round face that I have grown to love and now I get my photo back with a different face. The new photo no longer even looks like me but rather a prettier twin sister. When we go and have our photos taken we are flat out told that our skin will be retouched to hide blemishes. We are not told, however, that more drastic changes are made.

In general, people, including teens, want to look like themselves in their senior portraits. And nobody wants to be asked what happened between the time they did your portraits—usually during the summer before the school year starts, or early in the fall—and the time the yearbooks came out.

The girl also says that, as an all-girls high school, they try to teach positive body image. It’s extremely important that these girls don’t grow up feeling like they’re less-than because they have a tummy roll or saddlebags, or any number of other “flaws” that virtually everyone has, but nobody sees in print.

So, a school that teaches positive body image, but uses a photography studio that edits portraits a la Hollywood. There’s something wrong, here. However, the school itself wasn’t responsible. The girl posted an update to Reddit about it; the school knew about the edits, but did not make the edits themselves. When the yearbook adviser and the school’s staff saw the extent of the edits, they were outraged, too.

The school has decided to put the untouched photos in the yearbook, instead of the edited ones, so bravo for the school! The girl ended her Reddit post with:

To sum it up, I want this issue of photoshopping to get the attention it needs but know that my school has realized that their students do not need to be ‘corrected.’

Featured image via Reddit

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