Parents Giving Bleach Enemas To Cure Their Children Of Autism? Yeah, That’s A Thing

Thousands of parents abusing children who can’t ask for help

Today, I learned something new. It wasn’t something I wanted to believe was real or anything I had ever wished to learn but it entered my brain and now I can’t get it out: Parents are using bleach enemas/drinks to try to cure their children of autism. They force the bleach solution into their own children orally or via enemas — both of which can cause serious health issues. Parents report their children fighting, screaming and writhing in pain. The monsters who sell the product online say it’s a miracle cure. The sane population calls it child abuse.

From a parent who uses the product on their autistic child:

cd austism abuse

This screen cap was lifted from a group called CD Autism. The ‘CD’ stands for Chlorine Dioxide, which is an industrial bleach solution used for water treatment, bleaching wood pulp, and is also used in eradicating bed bugs. The CD Autism quacks push a solution called Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) which contains sodium chlorite, but when mixed with citric acid (they suggest orange juice), according to its packaging instructions, it combines to make chlorine dioxide. The sellers of MMS make snake oil claims that it can cure anything from Ebola, to AIDS, to cancer, to malaria, to broken bones, to Autism.

MMS is currently on the FDA warnings list because it is toxic and causes diarrhea, fatigue, severe vomiting, and low blood pressure due to severe dehydration.

The solution was the brainchild, or perhaps more of a brain fart, from a man named Jim Humble who is the Archbishop of Genesis II Church of Health and Healing.

To give you an idea of the level of quackery, here’s a screenshot from the Church’s Facebook page:

Humble created the solution which is sold as a cure-all online, but the FDA has cracked down on MMS and recent posts on the Genesis II Church’s page show that MMS is in danger of becoming banned. The church attributes this to a conspiracy by “Big Pharma” to keep cash flowing for conventional drugs, of course, because stopping the market for a known poison that can’t possibly cure the diseases it claims to couldn’t ever be the real motive. Sounds more like someone here is protecting their own cash flow, and I doubt it’s legitimate health organizations.

 Why parents are using bleach to cure Autism

Obviously, autistic children can be challenging to raise. They can be combative and hard to communicate with; naturally parents want their children healthy and “normal,” but there is no known cure for autism. Only therapy and maturity have been known to increase a child’s communication abilities and decrease behavioral issues, but autism, at least at this point, is for life.

So when a parent is dumb and desperate they turn to the online community for help and instead of learning constructive ways to help their child, they turn to quick fixes like CD which promises to heal the symptoms of Autism.

One particular group that I mentioned before is CD Autism. Their website header makes the bold claim that autism is avoidable, treatable and curable. With no medical training or scientific background their ring leader, Kerri Rivera, has deduced that the causes of autism are yeast, parasites, viruses and vaccines. Their group on Facebook has over seven thousand members. The website claims to have cured 164 children of autism by way of CD protocols.

“She did saw a virus of measles”…Face palm. These parents are obviously poorly educated and vulnerable.

Rivera wrote a book on CD therapy called Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism, in October 2013 and re-released in January 2014. Her own son has autism and has taken a CD protocol for 4.5 years, and still has not been cured of autism. Big surprise there, but that doesn’t stop Kerri from giving parents false hope that leads them to inject volatile chemicals up their children’s rear ends and down their poor throats.

Most parents complain that their children don’t like drinking the solution, naturally, because it smells exactly like bleach and parents within the group offer advice on how to sneak it into their children’s drinks without them noticing. Other parents have noticed problems with their children’s teeth turning strange colors. And, for the poor children who receive daily enemas, sometimes amounting to multiple doses in a day, they are eliminating the lining to their intestinal tracts during bowel movements. Not to mention killing off healthy gut bacteria, which aids in digestion.

Rope worms were invented by these fraudsters to scare parents into continuing CD protocols.

Rivera mislabels this intestinal shed, as being parasitic “rope worms,” a parasite invented by a man named Andreas Kalcher, which she says must be eliminated in order to heal the symptoms of autism.

Perhaps you’ve never heard of rope worms before? Well, that’s because they don’t actually exist. When parasitologists and scientists tested these rope worms, only human DNA was found, no foreign DNA of an unknown species of parasite, which means that it is human tissue.

Obviously, these scientists and parasitologists are in the pockets of Big Pharma, so parents that consistently report finding these rope worms in their child’s bowel movements after a bleach enema don’t pay much mind to the fact that their child is shedding intestinal mucus or the delicate lining of their bowels, because CD pushers have an answer for the scientific data — they’ve concluded, through absolutely no research of their own, that the body makes these parasites, so of course there’s no foreign DNA. Duh!

Pictures below are graphic images of children’s bowel movements:

Not only are these parents buying into fraudulent cures, they’re buying into false science that claims parasites are causing autism, and other dangerous misinformation.

Children with autism go through peaks and valleys with their behavior, and any child can eventually improve. If the treatment actually worked, these autistic children should be cured, but this isn’t the case, and when the child exhibits bad behavior the parents are encouraged to give a “double dose” of CD, which is a ten drop maximum into a 500 mL to 1 liter of water, well over the limit of what the FDA rules is safe for human ingestion. And perhaps the good behavior after the treatments are just signs of fatigue brought on by intense dehydration due to diarrhea, is this what a loving parent considers success?

But of course, Rivera cleverly absolves herself should anything go wrong. At the bottom of her website, it plainly states that she isn’t a professional and parents assume full responsibility for their own children, even if they act on her advice.

kr medical disclaimer

And the group is so totally legit, that they give advice on how to handle CPS, you know, so members can continue poisoning their children:

And things have gone awry in the world of MMS

Seven children were taken from their parents from their home in Arkansas, in January of 2015, after the parents were reported to officials for using MMS on their children. The children remain in foster care, while their parents battle the courts.

The parents said that the MMS was solely for their own purpose, and that they also used it to treat water for their garden, but I’d be willing to speculate that the children told a different story, considering courts have 72 hours after children are taken into custody to determine if there is probable cause, and since the children remain separated from their parents, it most likely means the courts did have a reasonable suspicion that MMS was used on the children. However the details of the case have not been disclosed, so this is only speculation.

So far, this remains the only case of children taken away from their parents for receiving MMS treatments, hopefully as awareness is raised many more children will be saved from having to endure these harmful methods of treatment.

Also, four people have been arrested by the Department of Justice for selling MMS online on charges of defrauding regulators and suppliers. If the DOJ wins their case against these four, it will be the beginning of the end for this dangerous product. Of course, another form of snakeoil will rise in its place but hopefully stopping the sale of this product will save a few hundred to a few thousand children from having to endure bleach drinks/enemas.

Bottom line, forcing a volatile chemical into a child being peddled as a cure-all is child abuse perpetuated by frauds.

Take action.

For more information on rope worms from a parasitologist, click here.

For more in-depth information on the use of CD, click here.

To sign a petition to have Kerri Rivera’s book off shelves, click here.

To sign a petition to have Go Fund Me to stop hosting MMS’s defense fund, click here.

And please forward all hate mail to [email protected] Or visit Kerri on Facebook by clicking here.

H/T: Stop Kerri Riveras Abuse of Autistic Children and Adults | Photo: Kerri Rivera Facebook page

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