OUTRAGEOUS: School Punishes Blind Boy By Replacing Cane With Pool Noodle

What would ever make them think that is acceptable?

The parents of a blind boy were shocked when their son came home using a pool noodle instead of his usual red-tipped cane.

The eight-year-old Missouri resident, Dakota Nafzinger, attends school at Gracemor Elementary in Kansas City. The school’s administration said they took the cane away from the boy because of bad behavior, after he was caught swinging it around on the school bus on the way to school, the boy’s mother, Rachel Nafzinger, told Fox 4 KC.

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The school gave Dakota a swimming pool noodle to use instead for the next two weeks to teach him not to swing his cane around because he might hurt someone else or himself.

Needless to say, the boy’s parents are outraged, and say their son is being humiliated by the school.

The North Kansas City School District spokeswoman Michelle Cronk, confirmed the school did indeed take Dakota’s cane away as well as writing him up for hitting another student with his cane. Cronk said that the cane is school property and was given to Dakota and the beginning of the school year.

Dakota says it’s a lot harder for him to feel his way around the world with a pool noodle.

Rachel said:

Why would you do that? Why would you take the one thing that he’s supposed to use all the time? That’s his eyes.

So far the school is sticking to it’s disciplinary action.

This is like taking away a wheelchair from a disabled student and replacing it with an office chair, completely uncalled for, a written warning should have been sufficient in this case.

H/T: WhoTV Photo: Fox 4 (Screenshot)

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