Only In Mc’Merica: Man Pulls Gun On McDonald’s Workers Over Missing Cheeseburger

A Nashville, Tennessee man was not “lovin’ it” when McDonald’s screwed up his drive-thru order this week. In fact, it enraged him.

Demetri Johnson just wanted a McDouble cheeseburger, but employees at the fast food restaurant forgot to put it in the bag. Johnson received his food, left the drive-thru and then came back moments later to complain. The manager told Johnson to park and he’d bring the burger to him, but Johnson had other plans.

Johnson is accused of walking into the restaurant a few minutes later with a pistol, racking it and demanding that staff fix the order, police said. He and the three women with him also wanted fresh fries and new soft drinks. They left after receiving their stuff. [Source]

Metropolitan Nashville Police Department are looking for Johnson and when they find him they’ll be charging him with aggravated assault.

Fast food rage isn’t a new thing. Earlier this year a woman in Michigan fired shots through a McDonald’s drive-thru window after they messed up her order twice in one day.

In 2013, a Connecticut man became so furious that McDonald’s employees made his sandwich wrong that he went into the restaurant and threw food at the pregnant manager.

We’ve all been there. You go to a fast food restaurant, order your food, and what arrives in your bag is a whole lotta nothing you ordered. I’ve had my coffee screwed up more times than I can count. It is especially infuriating when you’re in a hurry then find you have to wait in line again just to reorder your food.

However, as crappy as it may be, the employees are just human. Humans make mistakes; they’re bound to happen, especially when someone is taking hundreds of orders a day.

Obviously, Johnson should’ve kept his cool. You can’t go around pulling guns on people just because you’re butthurt over a cheeseburger. Now his McDouble has turned into a McFelony. That’s not just stupid, it’s epically moronic.

What’s even more epically moronic, though, is that this individual had access to a gun.


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