Neil deGrasse Tyson Destroys Rapper B.o.B.’s Crazy Flat-Earther Bullsh*t (TWEETS and SONGS)

I was born with a physical disability that prohibits me from participating in many of life’s ‘normal’ activities. I, obviously, had no choice in this. Because of my own hardships, I try to avoid making judgments about people who did not have any choice in the amount of intelligence they possess. They simply cannot help it if they don’t understand even rudimentary concepts. In this light, I strive to abstain from calling people stupid, ignorant, dumb, brain-dead, obtuse, moronic… you get the idea. At times, this can be a challenge (looking at you Trump supporters). This is particularly true when it comes to flat Earth conspiracy theorists.

These people are so feeble-minded it’s a wonder they can stay conscious and breathe at the same time.

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I ignored the Tweets from Tila Tequila last month where she claimed that the Earth is flat. I figured she hadn’t received enough attention for being naked lately so her bank account was running low. Then, this morning, I read about rapper B.o.B., who has recently written numerous Tweets supporting the flat Earth conspiracy.

Given that B.o.B. has released some sort of self-produced mixed tape recently, I initially made an assumption that the rapper was trolling for promotional purposes. After reading more of his Tweets about flat Earth, and celebrity clones, I started thinking that B.o.B. is perhaps in need of professional help. While not exactly the professional I had in mind, a certain Astrophysicist named Neil deGrasse Tyson decided he would help our confused rapper with a few factual corrections.

Of course, B.o.B. wasn’t going to take this sort of treatment, so he released a song about his struggles with reality. The lyrics are here for your perusal.

The exchange continued in Twitter, with B.o.B. asking Tyson questions that are geared more toward exciting the imbecilic flat Earth supporters than an actual desire for answers.

And, finally, in a fitting coup de grace, the famed Astrophysicist dropped some serious science.




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