Need A Break From Donald Trump? Here’s A Dog Nursing Three Orphaned Tiger Cubs (VIDEO)

The general election hasn’t even started and already people are suffering from Trump Fatigue. The nonstop lies, hate and smug arrogance is enough to make anyone want to hide under the covers until the election is over.

But the internet was created for just this reason! Actually, it was created to keep the military running in case of a nuclear war but now it exists to deliver cat videos. And when it comes to Trump Fatigue, not just any old cat video will do. You need an extra strength cat video! Specifically, tiger cubs with little tiny adorable tiger cub roars:

After a tiger abandoned her three cubs at a Russian zoo, the zookeepers were frantic for a surrogate mother to nurse the little furballs. When another tiger couldn’t be found, they turned to Tallim, a white Swiss shepherd who happily took over.

Yahoo News reports that the cubs weren’t happy about it at first, hissing at Tallim and baring their claws but she was persistent and the cubs eventually adopted her in return.

Now don’t you feel more relaxed and ready to face 5 more months of this election? If not, feel free to come back here as often as you need to!

Featured image via screencap

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