Naked Woman Trashes Alaska Subway While High On Spice


trashed Subway

The drug spice is apparently some serious sh*t. I wouldn’t know; I’ve never tried it, and don’t intend to, either. However, the evidence points to the stuff being seriously bad news. Take an Alaska woman, for instance, who is now in jail because of her actions while she was out of her mind on this mysteriously hallucinogenic drug.

According to local station KTUU, a woman identified as 35-year-old Nikki Abrell went into an Anchorage location of a Subway Sandwich shop around 5 PM local time Tuesday evening. Well, once she was done with the place, this particular “Eat Fresh” establishment wasn’t so fresh. According to employee reports to police, the woman was wearing clothing when she went into the location and went to the restroom. She barricaded herself inside for a good two hours. When she emerged, she was completely naked, and apparently out of her mind. The seemingly normal customer went on an almighty rampage through the restaurant, and completely trashed the place.

Perhaps the drug spice gives one superior strength. This is a reasonable speculation since this woman was able to break and throw heavy furniture and rip out tiles from the ceiling, all while in her vulnerable, nude state.

Eyewitness Tina Anaya was going into the shop for a sandwich when she happened upon the scene. Anaya says, via local station KTUU:

When I pulled up, I saw a bunch of the Subway workers outside and I thought they were taking a smoke break. But when I looked inside there was a naked woman literally tearing the place apart.

I thought there was a fire in the restaurant because it looked smoky in there, but it turns out she had just set off a fire extinguisher inside. I really didn’t want to get anywhere near her. She was smearing feces all over stuff.

The naked female, Nikki Abrell is in custody, and no one was hurt. Hopefully, she gets the help she needs.

Bet that Subway isn’t so fresh now, eh?

Featured image via Tina Anaya/KTUU

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