NAACP President ‘Misrepresenting Herself’ As Black For 10 Years Prompts #AskRachel Hashtag (TWEETS)

To literally no one’s surprise, the Twitterverse is currently under siege with a new hashtag of the moment: #AskRachel.

The Twitter response comes on the heels of the Spokane NAACP chapter president, Rachel Dolezal, who was publicly humiliated by her parents recently when they alleged she has been misrepresenting herself as a black woman for the last 10 years.

Granted, though certainly born (and still very much) white, Dolezal does appear to present herself much different, shall we say, these days from her youth. A simple before and after shot, seen here, can be left open to each readers’ opinion, though speaking personally, cultural appropriation does seem to shake your hand and say hello.

Whether she is a misunderstood woman who happens to love a crimper and a good, solid tan, simply being publicly skewered due to her solid work as Spokane’s NAACP president, or whether she simply an ally who went too far and stepped over into appropriation, or whether she is the epitome of white privilege essentially living in black face without being called out on it for the last ten years, is up for the public to fight it out over. And while it does, you better believe Twitter is going to have its fun.

Check out some of the comedic range random Twitter users have to offer, below, and just be thankful for two seconds that this article on race isn’t about another cop gunning down some unlucky citizens just because they are black. Enjoy!

Featured image via Twitter screen capture

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