MUST WATCH: Hilarious Christian-Right Claims Fox ‘News’ Has ‘Pro-Gay, Anti-Christian Bias’ (VIDEO)

Most likely you’ve been hearing all the talk lately about how Fox “News” is slipping, about how the once “Fair & Balanced” news source dominated the airwaves with integrity, honesty, and accurate reporting with the same vivid clarity of an eagle in the wind, diving after unsuspecting prey in cinematic, slow-motion HD, but now seems to fall limp out of the sky like a sparrow that’s flown one too many times into a highrise window.

Like saying water isn’t wet enough and space isn’t infinite enough, at least one organization has felt the talons of Fox “News” begin to miss more than it captures an audience and kills in the ratings. Lately, Americans for Truth About Homosexuality has felt Fox “News” just isn’t conservative enough anymore. Yep, that’s right – Fox “News” is losing some of its Red cred. It seems, to some, the tabloid news network is broadcasting in the finer shades of pink these days.

In fact, President of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, Peter LaBarbera, feels Fox “News” has begun to downright consort with a “pro-gay, anti-Christian bias.”

Holy Christ on a rainbow! Is he SERIOUS?

You bet your press-on eyelashes he is.

Recently, LaBarbera (wouldn’t that make a great drag stage name? – La Barbera) interviewed with Jerry Kenney and Cliff Kincaid of and made the preposterous “not Christian and straight enough” claims. In the interview, LaBarbera claims Fox punishes Christians for their views.

Chilling stuff behind the hilarity, isn’t it?

In the interview, LaBarbera also pushed his 93-page report on the matter, which is likely the most accurate “reporting” since Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code.

In the report, LaBarbera claims to present fool-proof evidence that Fox has already put in its metaphoric permit for next year’s Pride Parade.

Look for Bill O’Reilly in leather, *ssless chaps next season.

In the meantime, check out the lunacy of the extreme Christian Right below. Just try not to choke on your popcorn while you watch.

H/T: Addicting Info | Featured image: via YouTube

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