Must Watch: Elmo Screams Racial Slurs, Shrek Comes To The Rescue (VIDEO)

Times Square in New York City can be an interesting place.  You can find some awesome musicians, a naked cowboy, method actors always in character and street performers that will blow your mind.

What you don’t typically find are people in full Elmo costume shouting “Hindus rape Children” at the top of their lungs.

In this bizarre video, Elmo is an obvious imposter.  The real Elmo would never be so crass.  He can be seen waving his arms, shouting racial slurs, and making a fool of himself.

And then in a glorious twist of fate, Shrek comes to the rescue.  The ogre confronts Elmo with some strong words and at one point actually gives the little monster a shove.  “Get outta here,” he shouts and Elmo, knowing that Shrek is about to kick his little red ass, moves along.

The crowd goes wild with cheers of “Yeah Shrek!”  and “give ’em hell, Shrek!”

Luigi, who was standing by the whole time, must have been somewhat intimidated by the red monster and offered no assistance.

It’s quite alright.  Without his fire-flower power-up he was probably no match for Elmo.  It’s a good thing everyone’s favorite ogre was there to save the day.

Featured Image: screengrab from youtube


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