Most Awful Halloween Costume Theme Of 2014: Hitler Dad, Concentration Camp Baby

Oh, what the heil?

The Gothamist brings us what could possibly be the worst Halloween costume of the year (though “Ray Rice” and “Sandy Hook victims may come close), even when compared to “Sexy Ebola Nurse.”:

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Two “loving” parents dressed as Adolf Hitler and a lovely Aryan woman, and a baby in an adorable “concentration camp” outfit.

 “I’m still disturbed from seeing this one last night: a family dressed up as a Nazi soldier, his Aryan race wife, and baby in a concentration camp uniform,” Marla S., who submitted the photo to the publication, explained:

“Not sure if you have a list for the most f’ed up costumes, but I think this takes the prize…It’s such a messed up costume (for a family no less) that I needed to share.”


via Deadspin (Marla S)

Some people choose to dress as Hitler, but to go with the family theme of oppressor and oppressed, and to dress as Hitler and dress one’s baby as one of his victims, is a bit much — though, with the right props, it can go from horrible to hilarious very quickly. Remember Little Nicky?

Pineapple Hitler

Screencap from: Little Nicky

Unfortunately, while these parents may have found their “joke” humorous, there is a thin line between horrific and hilarious. If this particular line were drawn across Sarah Palin’s property, this fun, family-themed ‘genocide’ costume set would be somewhere in Russia (but at least Palin could still see it from her back porch).

Halloween can be a fun time to demonstrate one’s creativity, but perhaps there are limits that should be observed.

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