Mitch McConnell Caught ‘Twerking’ To Obnoxious Campaign Ad (Video)

You may remember the ridiculous “What rhymes with Alison Lundergren Grimes” campaign ad the morons that work for Senator Turtle McDerple put out last year.  In a desperate attempt to appeal to younger voters, Turtle thought it would be a good idea to autotune Grimes, add a few (almost) rhymes and set it all to an extremely annoying pop/hip-hopesque audio track.

The result was less than impressive.

Ol’ McDerple was recently caught twerking to his failure, completely nude while bathing.

*WARNING*  What you’re about to see is extremely disturbing imagery of a (cough) respected United States Senator.  Hopefully he can fight back from this embarrassment and move on with his campaign full of bullhonkey.

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