Militant Delusions: Bundy Terrorists Whine That Have Been Treated Worse Than #BLM Protestors

According to an Oregon militiaman who identified only as “fluffy unicorn,” he and his merry band of terrorists and freeloaders have faced more “backlash” than Black Lives Matter.

While speaking to the Huffington Post on Monday, a man who identified as “Fluffy Unicorn” told the blog:

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 The Black Lives Matter movement, they can go and protest, close freeways down and all that stuff, and they don’t get any backlash, not on the level that we’re getting.

Given the name and the HuffPo’s reputation in conservative circles as a “liberal blog,” it’s not hard to read the statement as deliberatively provocative — that is, trying to get a dig at liberals, making light of a legitimate issue (the abuse of African-Americans at the hands of American police) and using it as a political football as conservatives are wont to do.

But Mr. Unicorn isn’t alone in. The members of the terrorist organization have repeatedly drawn comparisons between themselves and the Black Lives Matter movement, without realizing that they’re one of the examples of why the Black Lives Matter movement is needed.

The leader of this merry band of hooligans and thieves, Ammon Bundy, told CNN Monday that there’s “some similarities” between the two groups, as both groups oppose the federal government and its overreaches to enforce order:

The government should not be doing anything but encouraging the people to claim their rights, encouraging them to use their rights, and then protecting and defending the people as they live freely.

Which sounds all well and good, until you realize that during an interview with Jacobin, Bundy admitted he didn’t know much about Black Lives Matter:

I know their initial protest involved lots of looting and violence towards businesses and innocent citizens which I do not agree with,” he said. “I do agree with them standing up for what they believe in. I just think during their protest they were unorganized and not well-planned.

So is there a similarity?

Of course not. See, unlike this merry band of white yahoos, the police have responded forcefully to Black Lives Matter protests. Our security state has not been scared to exert force against African-Americans.

But the yahoos in Oregon? Law enforcement are “monitoring” the situation, but haven’t intervened.

If these terrorists were truly facing as much “backlash” as Black Lives Matter, the police would be there, SWAT would be there, riot control would be there, and it’d look like the reverse of the Bastille with the collective might of Big Brother’s Oceania beating down the walls to take them back dead or alive — but probably dead.

Feature image via Gazette Union

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