Man Walks Into Arab Bakery Yelling ‘F*ck Allah,’ Gets Knocked Out Cold (VIDEO)

Every bigot has the right to their opinion, no matter how reprehensible. Being closed-minded, unfortunately, typically also comes with being stupid.

If a person were to say, walk into an Irish bar in South Boston shouting obscenities that disrespected the religion and culture of the people who worked and frequented it, one might expect that person would have a bad day. This ignorant jackass does just that in an Arab bakery.

There will be many who watch this video and say things like, “I thought Islam was a religion of peace,” or, “See? They only know violence.”

Those people would be entitled to that opinion. I, on the other hand, choose to see this video for what it is. A very ignorant person takes his ignorant opinion where it isn’t welcome and a hot-headed young man who is obviously tired of the discrimination against Muslims puts him in his place for it.

His friends aren’t too happy about it, and certainly the man lying unconscious will wake up upset about it, and the youngster is sent home.

Does this young man have the right to defend his religion the way he did? Was the man so far out of line that he deserved a knock-out punch?

Everyone’s opinion will certainly differ, but one thing is for sure. Racial and cultural tensions in our world have reached the boiling point.

Intolerant bigot gets knocked out cold for shouting “F*ck Allah!” in Arab bakery:


Featured Image: Screengrab from YouTube

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