LOOK: FREE ‘Tips For Living A N*gger-Free Life’ (SCREENSHOTS)

The internet is a fantastic place to find just about anything imaginable. For example, did you know that this site offers  FREE Tips For Living A N*gger-Free Life?

As you might expect the banner photo looks like this (aptly named “banner12.jpg”):

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Under that banner they proudly claim:

Welcome to the Forums of N*ggermania !

As a guest you have limited access to the forums and you can only post in the guest forum. If you register, you’ll have full access to the forum including N*gger Mating, N*ggers in Africa, N*gger Graphics, etc.

We do not have ads or pop ups and we keep your email confidential. Please register by clicking the link at the top of the page.


Their contributors have really nifty internet handles like: “niggroidzilla, Bubba Deets, Porch Monkey Watcher, Reverend Kane, Anonymous from Charlotte, NC, Runniger, james crow, Jimmy Crow, Scratch, Dasku, DonFrijoles, Old Southern Gal”

Of course, you have to be a member to login and get all the really juicy information. These free tips just happened to come up in a google search. (All images can be enlarged by clicking on them.)

The original questioner on this forum, CoonWatcher, was the individual seeking the tips. He posted this, apparently useful question (it got several thumbs up), on June 3, 2015.

1 CoonWatchers Question


CoonWatcher has since received several apparently useful “tips” from his friends with equally colorful usernames, profile pictures and thought-provoking “signatures” for their profiles.


2 TrailerMan Answer

3 IR Coon Response

The person is a “Senior N*ggermanic” and gets a little more detailed and “sophisticated” with their suggestion:

4 expattarheel response 5 reality check response

This nice person suggests “100% ape-less places like “Belarus, Moldova or Ukraine”:

6 reality check apeless suggestions

The Opry being “n*gger free” has inspired a return visit, as well as new visits to similar places. If you haven’t already done so, you really should take note of the clever usernames of the people that are finding these suggestions so “useful” at the bottom of most of these posts.

7 Old Southman response

This guy feels safest on his boat because “n*ggers and water don’t mix”… weird, because I always thought the saying was “oil and water”

8 pre1860 9 trailerman

And never, ever, ever go to FREE events (or FREE internet forum boards?)

10 observation city free events

This classy (couple?), another “Senior N*ggerologist” suggests only really expensive events and venues. He also suggests Elks Lodge because they don’t like “n*ggers” there either. Which could be true since they hosted a Southern California law enforcement event with a sing-along of “Dead, Dead Michael Brown“… as you can see SO exclusive and classy.

11 dr jenkem and massa hyde exclusive events

Then Cosmo had to go and make a funny, so funny that pre1860 pissed himself. Good times.

12 Cosmo 13 pre 1860 pisses himself

Then, Tom Shelly, who is apparently the site owner and Administrator weighs in. He seems like a real nice guy. So nice that he keeps his contact information right on the first page of this forum’s website. And according to his profile photo he’s a legit businessman… he runs “Tom Shelly’s Wild N*gger Animal Park

14 Tom Shelly Administrator 15 ooga booga

This nice person is a “regular contributor” on the site and they suggest stripping “n*ggers” of basically all human rights and privileges that the rest of us enjoy.

16 Freak Honored Veteran 17 old south man

Golliwog suggests that “n*ggers” feel the same way about personal hygiene as vampires feel about crucifixes.

18 golliwog

Nome-Im-Sayin, as you can see is highly intellectual and has a lot to say on the matter:

19 nome im sayin

Trailerman is obviously excited about this thread because he just can’t stop weighing in.

20 trailerman catholic

OldSouthMan knows for certain that there is NO WAY “n*ggers” can afford to pay tuition for Catholic school and the child must be there on some FREE scholarship.

21 tuition

Segregationalist, who has a PhD in N*ggerology makes a strong suggestion to check with the police before moving anywhere to see “how the police do things”

26 police

And NU Recruiter is living true to his suggestion here in Item #4:


NigorMortis wants to make sure that “n*ggers” stay uneducated and unemployable and “wow, what a payoff”

34 cpa

And like I said that the beginning of the article you can find just about anything you might need on the internet, including demographics of specific towns, so be sure to find a place that says “Races – Black Alone” and look for the lowest percentage. Zero, if possible, right?

38 city data

And before I lose all my energy and while I weep for humanity, I’ll offer this last one from bb daddy:

39 businesses

These people breed, they have children and they teach their children hate. Be careful what you teach your children and, after finding this today, I am officially a proponent of internet filters for kids. This is the worst thing I’ve seen all day.

Featured Image is one of the screen captures above.

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