Little Boy Proves He Was A Black Woman In A Past Life (VIDEO)

A boy from Ohio has shocked his family by recalling memories of being a black woman named Pam from Chicago in a past life.

What innocently enough started out as just an obsession with safety, said his mother Erika Ruehlman, started to turn into a fixation with the name Pam.

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Erika said of her son:

He was very cautious about, like, crossing the street — anything that might be hot or dangerous, or too high.

But, then he would start to make comments about being a girl.

He used to say, ‘When I was a girl, I had black hair,’ or he would say, ‘I used to have earrings like that when I was a girl.’

At first Erika wasn’t sure how to process this information, but then she started to take her son Luke’s comments more seriously. She pushed for more information and he started to give a more detailed account of his past life as a woman.

He said that he used to live in Chicago as a black woman and that he died in a fire after jumping out of a window.

In order to validate this information, she took to the Internet to see if there was anything that would lend credence to little Luke’s claims. She found a news story about a fire at a residential Paxton Hotel in Chicago. One of the names of those that died was a woman named Pamela Robinson. Pamela was one of the 19 people who died in the fire after jumping from a hotel window, which killed her. The story was oddly very similar to the story that her son told her, so she decided to give him a test.

She printed a photo of Pamela along with a random sample of other images from that time. She would test her sons ability to pick out Pamela Robinson from a group. She says that out of all the photos he picked Pamela Robinson, which ended any further suspicions she might have had about her son’s account of what happened.

She and her family are now completely convinced that he did, indeed, have a past life as this woman, as he states. They did an interview on television but did not receive any money for their story. They just want to share this incredible news with everyone, as it is too important to keep to themselves.

Watch this amazing story here:

H/T: Fox 8 | Featured Image: Video Screen capture

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