LISTEN: This Clueless Caller Insists A Newspaper Made A Mistake In ‘T-H-I-E-R’ Headline (AUDIO)

An unidentified woman called the the Suffolk Times to complain about a mistake in the paper. The exchange between the woman and the paper’s editor, Mike White, is a glaring example of how many Americans often “know” something that is totally wrong.

The Suffolk Times is a small circulation paper that serves northern Long Island, New York. The caller is concerned about a headline, that she thinks has a misspelled word. The headline in question reads

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Their place at the table. Incoming trustees take seats next to new mayor.

So, what’s the problem, you ask? Well, in the mind of this caller, it’s with the word “T-H-E-I-R,” which she insists should be spelled “T-H-I-E-R.” The caller says that she knows she is correct, because she remembers learning how to spell the word in college. She also says that she can’t find the word in any dictionary. Not only is she insistent that she is right, she gets downright nasty with White, when he suggests that she Google her spelling to check.

The caller asks White where he went to school. He replies that he went to Columbia University. She then asks him when he graduated. After a pause, White says, “2006.” The woman shoots back, “No you didn’t. If you went to Columbia, this wouldn’t be a hard conversation.”

Either this woman started drinking way too early in the day, or she is yet another example of the dumbing down of America.

Listen to the incredible conversation below, via Mike White, and Soundcloud (CAUTION — strong language):

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H/T Gawker | Featured image via Mike White

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